domingo, 27 de octubre de 2013

Young Norwegians and Old Norwegians

I wish I wouldn't have an oppinion on this, but I have. I went out clubbing/dancing several times in Stavanger and the overall idea is that the young norwegians (up to 40yrs old) have no clue about having a good fun, enjoying the moment...instead they are rude, have no manners at all and they just treat you like a piece of shit. I felt gutted last night seeing the "snobbish" class and how they have no place to dance and if you do, must be careful as you never know who will kick your back, your face or walk over you, who will spill a drink on your cloths and drop chairs on your toes...who even might spill alcohool eveywhere that you end up having it in your eye...? Is this normal? NO! It is NOT!.. I have been out in Germany, UK, Romania and Spain and in these places I never had any in most of these places I have been , you don't pay an overated fee to enter. Looks like older Norwegians have some more sense and they are the really nice Norwegians I met here..Sad!...sadly the future generation has no consderations towards people outside of their nationals and it is enfuriating that such a rich, developed society as this one doesn't focus on being renowned for its people.