miércoles, 28 de octubre de 2009

Forever and for allways...Romania

My beautiful country, my Romanica is passing through not so great times right now.
This financial and economical crisis stroke hard our borders.
I have seen this when I was home, a few days ago, it´s though, because people are not rich or not happy or not even gaining a decent salary, and I can observe that for the normal middle class (not even talk about people gaining minimum salary per economy) it is harder than ever before to save the day and try and give food to their kids. Politicians just don´t seem to care...they never did.
We, we were the ones that once hoped that things will have a better ending, hoping sincerly that this politician is better than his predecesor.
We were fooling ourselves..
I think all of us wanted a better future, thinking that choosing this man or that man will get us out of the trouble...
In a few days:presidencial elections. I will not vote! I think my parents either..Whom could I vote for? I don´t even trust any of them. They are corrupt, and the ones that seem clean just wait in pole-position for the new job, getting benefits, and in the end being as corrupt as the ones before him, itñs looking like a chain reaction...makes me mad and makes me sick thinking about politics..
People suffer more, especially now when You can not get a job so easy, when you have to be the best to get some offer, that´s the world where I find it frustrating to live in..

I hope the best..for Romanians and for me too!

Good-luck Romanica!


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