lunes, 4 de enero de 2010

No resolution

That´s right! I haven´t made any resolution for this new year. I never did, in fact.
I read in books about it, I have seen it in movies, probably I don´t need to promise anything to myself...I will try to think to several things that could make me happy this year, happy if I will accomplish them.
So here I go:

1. I hope I will still be in love with my boyfriend, happy together this year too.
2. I want health for my family and my dear ones.
3. I hope I will get a very good job this year! That would do me good...
4. I hope I pass all the exams for my master.
5. I know that my best friend is a real friend, and hopefully she will have a wonderful year too.
6. I hope my brother will have a good year and will pass his exams,I pray he will...
7. I hope to spend more time home, in Romania. :)
8. I would like to see a European capital this year, maybe this summer in Istambul.

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