viernes, 19 de noviembre de 2010

Americans OUT of Irak!

"Baghdad is sad" - an irakie woman about her loved city ...

I decided to write this post in English, for 2 simple reasons:
1. Americans who might accidentally or intentionally read this blog ,
2. Americans wouldn't understand in any other language that I use here as they are lousy language learners.

I want PEACE for the Irakies and I want Americans to fucking wake up from all this confusion that they have in their heads ( I speak for the ones who support the war, who contribute to the killing of innocent civilians)!

I have read books, watched news (although most of the time I wouldn't trust them), saw documentaries of great interest.
The last one I saw today ( “ Baghdad en invierno”, TVE ) impressed me so much, that I decided to take actions and speak my thoughts out .

From the start the war was invented by the almighty stupid ex-US president Bush Jr (and his allies Tony Blair and Aznar), after the 9/11 incidents he manipulated the people who live there and the press and decided to attack Irak “to bring freedom to its inhabitans”, although most of us out there knew he wanted just the fucking oil Irak posses. He blaimed Irak of having 29 major mass distruction. NATO went there, they found 0 !

Still, US soldiers moved there and start killing, raping and attacking children, women, men and old people in Irak. I was so impressed by the powerful force of the local people there, they way they were keeping their hope and strength.

There were daily scences of murders and fires, and with all these children were still attending classes and teachers were protecting them and teaching them new stuff everyday. Most of the kids had to give up school in order to help feeding the family / they were selling gasoline to different cars on the highways and changing their money for food), they were living in bombed houses ( in best of the cases as most of the persons have lost their places, and in the majority of the cases they did not have current water, light or electricity, IMAGINE LIVING LIKE THAT! And more than that IMAGINE living with the threat of dying any moment).

There were distroyed families, orphans in hospital, everyone feeling sad and mutiled phisically and / or psyhically , I felt maybe just half as sad as them ( as I was not in that situations, but even watching the documentary I felt like this seems too cruel, I wanted to switch off the PC and forget for a moment, but I felt I just should go on and watch further and try to understand what Bush intended by “giving freedom to Iraki people”, when he what actually did was taken their freedom, lives, future, families...

I wish I could do something more than raise attention to this cruel war against innocent people, I wish I could help in another way that would give back some hope and put some smile on the faces of those beautiful and smart Iraki children I met today through the documentary I watched.

What do you people from over the world think about this ?

What is the solution besides of the soldiers leaving this country and going to their homes?

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