sábado, 18 de junio de 2011

Top Ten of things I liked in the last month

This post might look a bit superficial/ shallow, but some blogs I follow started posting these stuff and I thought I might try and find only 10 STUFF I owned and liked in the last month
...these 10 things are supposed to be mine and from all of them the last 4 I could give them away to anyone interested...

1. My new grey trousers from Maine.
2. New multifunctional bag Eastpack

3. The graphic novel "Dublines", where I could know better one of my favorite writers James Joyce, a gift from my sweetie boy.
4. Dominant Species, a new boardgame my sweetie bought and when we started playing(although confusing at first sight) we really hit it on and started liking it.

5.My new white-purple Adidas Runners for spinning & jogging and other sport activities
6. My IPod Nano, which now one can not find it on the market ( it is a model from 2007).

The next 4 I also liked but I could give them away...

7. " Siddharta" by Hermann Hesse
8. Sophie Kinsella books which are amazingly fashion and funny!
9. Avene Thermal Water
10. ADELE and her 2 albums "19" and "21", which in the last month I got really obsessed with, it is really inspiring her voice and her song letters, when I want to feel better or either am tired or upset or sad I listen to and feel much better afterwards.
10. Cupcakes earrings.

2 comentarios:

  1. ¿Pero qué estoy creando?
    Me alegro que te gustara el Dublinés, sí que es divertido.

  2. Gracias por crear un pequeno monstruo...jaajajajajaaa.

    Que bien que te gusta a ti tambien Dublines !!