viernes, 5 de marzo de 2010

How I became a Geologist ?

In Fact, a Geologist Engineer... First thing I remember I wanted to become when I was a tiny little girl was to be a Ballerina. I was so amazed of the russian ballet team, which I was watching on tv, during the comunist era. I liked their nice dresses, their elegant moves.

Next thing I wanted to be was a Interior Designer. I think I liked ARTS. I remember I was 10 years old when I started drawing living rooms and had a lot of ideas, I was losing my time drawing all day, lots of pages, was a way to entertain myself. Then I started drawing models and Fashion Designer was a new goal for me. I think I lost years and years drawing, and colouring, I even had collections for each season, also special gowns for special occasions. I was fascinated. After this artistic period, I wanted to become a Tennis Player. By this time I was already a teenager, my role model back then was Steffi Graf (well, people were calling me Stefi since I was a child, now they call me Stef). I was watching all the tournaments, I was happy when she was winning and upset was she was defeated. I liked also the white tennis costume, with mini skirt. Wowow, I had some big dreams! Now Steffi is married with another big tennis player, André Agassi. Next thing I wanted to be was a Lawyer, but I dropped this idea quickly, as I realised I will not be a good one, I don´t have an agressive personality and you need to have one in order to be a successful lawyer. One thing I really think I would have been good at was to be a VET. I love animals, especially Dogs, and like Susan A.R. Kennedy admits: "Dogs are miracles with paws. " The thing that made this impossible was my inefficiency with Maths! I hated it in school and high school, and in order to enter at Veterinary Medicine you need it to have some knowlege of Mathematics. I was good at lots of subjects, but not at Maths. I still love dogs, will always do, but I am not a vet! :(
One thing I would have loved being was an Actress. I really enjoy theatre and film, when I was little I was writing screenplays( scripts), imagining that I am also the director too. It is really extremly difficult to enter at Theatre Academy in Bucharest, there are only few places for new students and also you need a lot of preparation and relations in this field are important too( you need to know personally some actors). I love going to the theatre and cinema!
Then I wanted to work in Communication and Public Relations, for this I presented to the Faculty of Political Sciences (not because I liked politics, hell no, but because I was fascinated by philosophy, which I studied in my last year at high-school). I managed to enter, but like in Romania is important to enter on the places free of charges, i didn´t manage it, I had a good mark, but not enough to get a good place. I had the places where you have to pay yearly, so I didn´t stay there.
Then, and at last, one collegue from high school told me about the Geology Faculty at Bucharest Univ. It was without exam, only with the grades from high school, and knowing that I have excellent grades, I thought it´s possible for me to enter there, although at that time all I knew about geology is that it" deals "with rocks.

So , finally I entered there, studied my 5 years of engineering and one more of Master and here I am, A GEOLOGIST! Nothing to do with arts, but it is a very interesting science, also I find myself very interested in Paleontology and Tectonics, one of my favorite subjects at uni. I worked for more than 2 years on oil rigs in the North Sea, now I will be back again there.

The pictures I posted are from Ensco 92 and Scott(the big platform), great places where I found especially good people, with which I am still in contact.

I will talk about rigs in some other occasion.

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  1. :D Seamana un pic cu traiectoria mea...doar ca eu nu lucrez pe fapt acum nu mai lucrez deloc :D cel putin deocamdata...

    Imi place ce ai scris, si ma bucur ca nu sunt singura...