sábado, 20 de marzo de 2010

Strange dreams

In the last couple of weeks I had some weird dreams, what is weirder is that whenI wake up, I can remember them.
For example the most recent one was that I was surprised to go to New York, I was together with Samu and we were already boarding the plane, I remember I could see the downtown and everything in Manhatan.It was exciting! :p
I also had some visitors, actually famous ones, in my dreams, I dreamed with Michael Jackson twice, once I asked him if he is OK there,(heaven) and he answered affirmatively, not that nice was when I was talking with Ceausescu, he was screaming at me, explaining that I have to walk properly in his daily communist manifestation, I know he told me to look at the camera, as all the country is seeing me..frustrating! I hate to dream with dead people, although famous.
I wander what will I dream tonight?

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  1. Probably nothing: when I tell people about my dreams, they stop, I never have them again. Let me know tomorrow if you still had them thou :)