lunes, 10 de enero de 2011

in love with my E-Book (= Ereader)

I have received this beautiful gift (that I share wuth my dear one) from his aunt for Reyes Magos and I am already impressed.

I have 13 E books ready to be read. And you can also listen music, videos, photos, there are lots of advantages of having one in your life, that the question that raises here is: Why did they invent the E-book so late? we now can stop cutting trees for a chance!

And it comes with a fabulous accessory, that I can use during night time, as it has a small attractive lamp.

Why would you want a Reader?

The Reader is slim and lightweight and especially designed with real book-lovers in mind. The no glare paper-like screen reads just like a book, indoors or out. Flip through the pages with an easy to use touch screen, look up any word in one of the built-in dictionaries and carry thousands of your favourite stories with you anywhere you go.

What makes the Reader different?

* 2 weeks of reading on a single battery charge

* The Reader’s clear paper-like display reads just like a real book - even in direct sunlight- with adjustable font sizes, contrast and brightness.
12 built-in dictionaries: Double-tap a word to find its meaning or translation in one of the 2 English or 10 translation dictionaries.

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