jueves, 20 de enero de 2011

...This is not a drill

04:00 : The fire alarm sounded loudly in my unit and everywhere on the rig.
I though this might be a false alarm...but when the radio-operator send his message to everyone to go to their Master Point (Accomodation's Level2) , I thought : This is for real!!
Noticing that my hands are shaking, I saw myself grabing my glasses and my backpack and one last thought was to phone call my bf, but he was not answering....I said that I will call him later, quite an optimistics, then I locked my unit's door and started running to my Master Point.

In this short period of time I was just thinking about going to the boats and abandoning the rig...I got in the Cinema Room, almost everybody was there, I felt my heart was pulsating fast and "furious" as I didn;t know what all the fire was about...When you don't have information, then you don't know of what to believe.

Then we learn that the fire started in the plant room, on the 4th level of accomodations, started from the fan system, and after an hour of waiting in the "safe place" , the OIM tells us that we are safe there, that teh fire and smoke were cleared and that they are doing an investigation...
In that crucial hour I said a few prayers and thought about leaving this job for good! I just need time to relax now, I am very stressed yet, my knees are hurting me and I am thinking about how am I going to get asleep today?

I am safe and glad that the fire did not spread fast and that I survived all this nasty episode.

This job sucks, actually what sucks is that these things happen and when they happen to you , then you start feeling deeply nervous and unpatienced to get home...but still one week left for that...so Help me God!

I should start writing a book about all my offshore adventures, as my darling Sam was mentioning early today to me. I remeber once I found a book on Scott Platform, the best-seller was called "This is not a drill"< I can't remember the writer, but after reading the first pages I left it as I did not want to even hypotetically think about something like that...but then...I had my own experience, not as horrible though as the one that it was written in that book.

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  1. That's quite an experience! I strongly believe you'll be ok although these things you're experiencing don't sound that good.
    Maybe they should hire adrenaline lovers... people are throwing lots of time and money for getting this kind of feelings, they could instead earn money working there:).

    As for the book, it sounds like a good idea and I bet this is an activity closer to your heart.

    Good luck

  2. Multumesc Miha!

    Cartea probabil va fi in forma de jurnal, una din cartiel mele prfereate, The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole o sa fie "my stepping-stone", o sa incerc sa scriu cat mai curat si inteligent.

    E o idee ceea ce zici de "adrenaline lovers", insa probabil nu au incercat, nu s-au gandit acesti hiperactivi la aceasta optiune.

    Ce zici: tu ai veni aici si ai face asta? lol