lunes, 16 de abril de 2012

Maybe I was wrong in...

.. writing a stop card about quality of the food on the rig ?
I was "advised" by my fellow mate to write a card (we are supposed to write, depending on the Drilling Company, safety cards) about the food (if I had issued and was not happy about ...)

I repeat: That was My opinion!

So, when I went to have luch today (at 00:00, as I am on night shift till tomorrow), the night chef (No Gordon Ramsey or ANYTHING alike!) looked a should I put it?..."Nasty" maybe. So I instantly thought he knew that I wrote that card ( although was supposed to be confidential, buggers!).
I felt a bit sorry for him (if he knew)...but that was just my opinion, plus I am the weird one, not  used with eating British food all my life and it takes ages (if) to get used with it (crap food).

I would suggest to the British Nation to come and see how  people cook in Europe and what delicious food they eat.

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