lunes, 26 de abril de 2010


Stage 1: When I get a phone call saying that the plans have changed and I need to wait a bit more until I go to work. Sometimes, most of the times, it´s great! I get the chance to stay more at home, chill out(or study for my Master, like´s the case this time).
Today I don´t know really, for the moment I´m glad I´m not going to travel to UK (long and tiring travel), as I wake up with a terrible headache. I can stay in bed and drink a lot of green tea with lemon. :) But, I am conscious that if I will leave later, I´ll be back later...And I´ve kinda wanted to be back until the 15th of May, when it´s a major holiday in Madrid (St. Isidro).
Let´s see what happens these days..heheheh.

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