jueves, 22 de abril de 2010


I thought writing about the 5 months in my life that I was an English Teacher.

Well, firstly it was not difficult to get the jobs;yes, plural, I worked for two academies, in the last month in the same time...
I have different views, opinions, favorite classes..
There were two very different methods of teaching, of seing the world, trying to know the persons one works for...Anyway, in one academy I disliked the fact that I was all the time doing compromises, not behaving the way I should, the directors had their stupid (in their mind it was an incredible approach) idea of spoiling students (pupils of 11 years old) by giving them good feed-back even if it was not the case, all contrary. Some students were just too spoiled, nasty talkers, nasty in attitude towards me (the teacher), towards other fellow peers..sometimes even getting to annoy me so much...(receiving insults is not nice at all)...There were days when they were incredible nicer, one boy asked me if I have any friends in Madrid (he knew I was a foreigner here), I told him I have very few, and he said: " No, you have more 13 friends, you have us" ! That was cute...but not enough.

Now, the situation was rather different at the other academy, where there were 4 groups of students, my favorite class was the adult class, only conversation, was a delight talking with these mature people (in English!), it was a friendly environment, and even students told me I was their best teacher up to that moment. That really touched me...

In the end, I had to leave as I am coming back to the oil industry..for now.

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