lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

Types of oil drilling rigs

Getting down to the basics, there are several types of offshore oil rigs designed to work in a variety of locations, on certain kinds of wells, and differing environments: Jackups are moveable drilling structures with bottom supports. Jackups have open-truss or columnar legs in support of their main deck or hull area. Are one of my favorites, together with fixed platforms.

I used to work on this jack up for many months, I had a really awesome team, good food, good weather, good geologist to work with, was ok.

Platforms cannot be moved like Jackups. They are immobile. Platforms are typically made from steel or cement and are used to drill new development wells.

On this big platform I worked all year 2009 until my last day of work. It was massive, at first I was getting lost all the time, there were 170 stairs to climb from my room to the working unit...
was a good rig, good memories, nice people to work with, the food was not the best, but you could survive with it.

Semisubmersibles drilling units, or Floaters, stay afloat offshore on giant pontoons or hollow columns. When filled with water, the pontoons or columns will partially submerge the unit to a desired depth. Floaters are reliable in rough seas and most frequently used for drilling new wells. I hate them!!! THey are moving all the time, I am sea-sick and I throw up all the time at first, the medic has to give me pills especially for this reason, I remember not but the people was worth it. Some of them were misserable, the food was horrible, I got indigestion twice, ah that Artic 2...that no longer drills! Finally..!

THis semi was not bad, actually was barely moving, I liked it as I was working with terrible great persons. I felt very good there, though there were some guys from Malta who were stocking me all the was frustrating!

Well, there are also the drilling ships. I have never been on one, but I have seen them.
I guess they are moving too...I couldn't like this.

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