jueves, 6 de mayo de 2010

How to Moonwalk like Michael Jackson, the King of Pop

Things You'll Need:
Smooth floor or sufrace
Area free of obstacles
A pair of socks

Step 1
Wearing a pair of socks, start with both feet flat on the ground. At this time, ensure that your area is free of obstacles.

Step 2
Next, lift your right heel by bending your right knee. Ensure that you keep your left leg straight. Begin to shift your weight to your bent leg.

Step 3
With your weight on your bent leg, slide back your left foot. Be sure to keep your left foot flat on the floor as you slide it back. Also, try to keep your left leg straight.

Step 4
Once your left foot has slid back for about a foot or so, begin to lift your left heel off the floor. As you are doing this, snap your right heel down to the floor.

Step 5
At this point:Your left heel should be lifted off the ground, with your left knee bent.Your right foot should now be flat on the floor, with your right leg straight.

Step 6
Now, we must shift our weight to your right leg, which is now bent. Now, slide your right foot back...

Step 7
Continue to loop these instructions to continuously moonwalk!

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